High or Low

High/low: Luxe bathroom

High/low: Luxe bathroom

Can you tell which bathroom is high and which is low?

Author: Michael Nangreaves; styling by Andrea McCrindle; produced by Stacy Begg & Morgan Lindsay

High or Low

High/low: Luxe bathroom

We designed a luxe bathroom using two different budgets. Can you tell which is the high and which is the low?


We designed a luxe old-meets-new bathroom using both a flood and a trickle of cash flow. Can you tell the difference?






 HIGH: $9,244

1 Brass Colebrook 1041 pendant light in Aged Brass, Universal Lamp, , $375.

2 Gold-leafed carved wood Empire-style mirror, , $4,730.

3 Unisex cotton Antiochia bathrobe in Grey & White, , $139.

4 Carrara marble and antique-brass-finished iron Darcy side table, , $399 US.

5 Hand-carved oak and linen Louis sidechair, , $699.

6 Style at Home Collection three-ply ring-spun cotton bath towel in white, , $26, and hand towel in white, , $17.

7 Hammam-style cotton Antiochia hand towel in Grey & White, , $34.

8 Brass floor-mounted Traditional tub filler in Champagne Bronze with cross handle, , $2,425.

9 Framed Harmony artwork by H. Kalisher, 24" x 24", , $400. 



LOW: $3,936

1 Polished brass-plated steel geometric pendant light, , $120.

2 Gold-leafed metal and MDF Valonia mirror, , $810.

3 Unisex washed linen bathrobe in Light Grey, , $60.

4 Carrara marble and steel Solo side table in Gold, , $299.

5 Lacquered oak and linen blend Louis side chair in Beige, , $299.

6 Canadian Living one-ply ring-spun Egyptian cotton bath towel in white, , $20, and hand towel in white, , $15.

7 Hammam-style cotton hand towel, , $8 per pair.

8 Rubinet brass Raven tub filler in Satin Brass with cross handles, , $2,199.

9  Untitled 1 print by Jaime Derringer on standard paper, 18" x 24", , $81 US. Fibreboard Virserum picture frame (painted), 20" x 28", , $25. 

HIGH & LOW: Behr Swiss Coffee 12 wall paint, ; bathtub, ; Floor tiles, ; White faceted vase, ; Black glass carafe & tumbler, ; Candle, . 




Harking back to the late 19th century, free-standing cast iron clawfoot bathtubs flooded the decor world roughly a decade ago. The traditional tub has enjoyed a variety of modern manifestations and manipulations. One trend we’re particularly fond of is painting the tub’s exterior black, a clever DIY that adds a dramatic edge. But oceania has done one better: the Milano bathtub replicates the look without the work, and (bonus!) it’s made of acrylic, so it’s lightweight, easing installation. 

Oceania Influence free-standing acrylic Milano bathtub in White & Black, , $2,299; Arto handmade concrete Conche floor tiles in Charcoal Gray with smooth finish, , $18 per sq. ft.



Whatever your style, a set of lush white terry towels is essential to bath time. Don’t let this simple staple fool you: all towels may look alike, but higher quality means a better feel as well as superior performance and durability. So read the fine print before making your pick – regardless of your budget.

1 Double-sided cotton Portofino face cloth, $13, hand towel, $23, and bath towel, $34, all in White, .

2 Style at Home Collection double-sided three-ply ring-spun cotton face cloth, $13, hand towel, $17, and bath towel, $26, all in White, .

3 Canadian Living double-sided one-ply ring-spun Egyptian cotton face cloth, $10, hand towel, $15, and bath towel, $20, all in White, .

4 Springmaid one-sided two-ply combed Egyptian cotton face cloth, $6, hand towel, $9, and bath towel, $12, all in White,



Our luxe loo gets its undeniable grandeur from the large gold-framed mirror. Similar vintage-style looking glasses are popping up everywhere, and we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few of our faves. Whether you prefer ornate ornamentation or minimal embellishment, we’ve got an option for you. Good luck picking the fairest of them all! 

1 Gold-leafed metal and MDF Valonia, 42" x 59", , $810.

2 Gold-leafed wood louis Philippe Gilt, 34" x 56", , $545 US.

3 Iron Gleaming Primrose in Gold, 39" x 39", , $398 US.

4 Made Goods gold-leafed wood Philippe, 30" x 64", , $1,575.




When a popular piece transcends trendy to become timeless, the decor world benefits. Such is the case with the crowd-pleasing peshtemal, or hammam towel, a go-to that bears all the makings of a classic. With origins in turkish bathhouses, it’s traditionally handmade from organic fibres in muted tones and features tassel edging and decorative stripes for a touch of frill. This towel is also flat-woven and compact but dries fast and wicks moisture well. Best of all, it’s equally at home in the kitchen and in the bath. Hammam-style cotton Antiochia hand towel in Grey & White, , $34. Le Bouquet de Lili bar soap, , $7.




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High or Low

High/low: Luxe bathroom