High or Low

High/low: Moroccan-inspired boho bedroom

High/low: Moroccan-inspired boho bedroom

Can you guess which is the high and which is the low? Author: Michael Nangreaves; produced by Andrea McCrindle

High or Low

High/low: Moroccan-inspired boho bedroom

We designed a Moroccan-style bedroom on two opposite budgets. Can you tell the spaces apart?

We designed a Moroccan-inspired boho bedroom on budgets befitting a servant and a sultan. Can you tell the difference?




Unconventional by definition, the boho aesthetic doesn’t follow a formula, but here are some tips to help you get your own version of this free-spirited look.

1 Trump trends: Eschew the norm in favour of unexpected combinations of unique elements. (why not place an intricate wooden coffee table in the bedroom?)

2 Study the greats: Let the lifestyles of famous creative spirits inspire you to get in touch with your inner bohemian. 

3 Play with colour and texture: Mix bold hues and bring in tactile materials, such as woolly knits and worn woods.

4 Introduce art: Dress your walls with gripping artwork – purchased or diy – and distinctive items like a woven wall hanging.

5 Set the mood: Keep an arsenal of candles on hand and opt for light fixtures that give off a soft, dispersed glow.

6 Mix in meaning: Finish the space by tucking small mementoes here and there. that mini eiffel tower, for example, is reminiscent of a trip to paris.




HIGH: $5,256  

1 Handmade Icelandic Lopi wool and cotton warp Elephants Always Remember wall hanging, , $400.

2 Zenza Lighting handmade nickel-plated brass Tahrir Filisky pendant light, 15" x 12", , $470.

3 Pelican on Lake print on premium archival paper with White Premium Wood frame, 18" x 24", , $275 US.

4 As You Are print in Quiet Gray on premium archival paper with Distressed Indigo Stain frame, 8" x 8", , $80 US.

5 Watercolor Abstract Flora Series Fall 1 print on premium archival paper with Champagne Silver frame, 11" x 11", , $138 US.

6 Queen Belgian flax linen duvet cover, $355, and standard sham, $65, in Midnight, .

7 Hand-dyed cotton Mali toss cushion with down insert, 18", , $150.

8 Small hand-embossed nickel Offering TRAY, , $279. 

9 Chunky wool throw in Ivory with Knit Knit weave, 54" x 70", , $445 US.

10 Antique hand-carved teak coffee table with glass top, , $2,599.




LOW: $2,169

1 Cotton macramé Drift wall hanging, , $68.

2 Powder-coated iron pendant light, 10" x 10", , $189.

3 Pelican on Lake print on standard paper with White Premium Wood frame, 18" x 24", , $165 US.

4 As You Are print in Quiet Gray on standard paper with Distressed Indigo Stain frame, 8" x 8", , $42 US.

5 Watercolor Abstract Flora Series Fall 1 print on standard paper with Champagne Silver frame, 11" x 11", , $85 US.

6 Queen linen Linblomma duvet set in White, , $100. Pre-reduced Indigo dye kit, , $20.

7 Ramie Vigdis toss cushion cover in White, 20", , $10, duckfeather Fjädrar insert, , $7; Pre-reduced Indigo dye kit, , $20.

8 Aluminum Egyptian tray, , $65.

9 Hand-knit wool-blend overlook throw, 48" x 76", , $199.

10 Hand-carved sheesham wood coffee table with glass top, , $1,199.

HIGH & LOW: Ice Mist OC-67 wall paint, Midnight Navy 2067-10 accent wall paint, ; Coral sheet set, ; White shams, ; White teapot with cup, ; Tall glass vase, ; Large wooden bowl (holding lavender), ; Candle (on wooden box), .




The dreamy midnight blue of our high duvet set calls to mind the evening sky above Marrakesh. To get the look for less, we tinted an inexpensive white set using pre-reduced indigo dye. The method, though messy, is straightforward: Dilute the pigment and additives with warm water in a large container. Submerge the fabric (entirely or in folded sections, as we did with the toss cushion cover) for 15 to 30 minutes; wring and hang to dry. Repeat as desired for a deeper shade. 




Even when they look indistinguishable, not all prints are created equal. For instance, our High and Low pieces are reproductions of identical images, but the pricier versions are museum calibre, printed on cotton rag using archival pigment and protected behind UV-resistant Plexiglas. While the budget-friendly options feature lignin-free art paper and deluxe ink, they can’t match the rich, vibrant hues of the splurge versions and may fade slightly over the years. Short ceramic basket weave vase in Blue, , $49. 




Pile the titles on your current must-read list near your bed, so they’re right at hand when the mood strikes. A large bowl placed on top becomes a pretty and practical catch-all.




Pamper yourself: Lay out a novel, some tea and a decadent snack (see our Swirled Strawberry Meringue recipe) on a stylish tray. 




Create that boho aesthetic by dressing your walls with gripping artwork –  like a woven wall hanging.



Shibori toss cushions bring a taste of the Far East to our Moroccan-inspired room. A centuries-old Japanese technique, shibori involves bunching, twisting or folding fabric and then dyeing it to create a unique pattern. The tradition has become a trend, so this style of toss cushion is easy to find, whether you’re after one that’s handmade using the original technique or an inexpensive mass-produced alternative.

1 Hand-dyed Belgian linen Shibori in Cobalt Blue with feather blend insert, 20", , $229 US.

2 Cotton indigo Shibori with down alternative insert, 20", , $81.

3 Magical Thinking polyfilled cotton Shibori Streak in Blue, 16", , $36.

4 Cotton Indigo Shibori (cover only), 20", , $40. 


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High or Low

High/low: Moroccan-inspired boho bedroom