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This Spring, Come Clean: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Spring

This Spring, Come Clean: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Spring

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This Spring, Come Clean: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Spring

From clearing out old items in your closet to making your windows look brand new, your nagging chores will become easier (and less painful) to tackle with these simple tips.


1. Skeletons in Your Closet

A closet is an easy place to throw something when you want to forget about it for the winter. But there comes a time when you need to confront your closet head-on. Go through clothing and shoes, and get rid of any items that don’t fit, aren’t in style anymore or that you simply never wear. Pack up everything you want to donate in a GLAD® Easy-Tie® Clear Bag (that way you won’t accidently throw it in with your regular garbage). The Easy-Tie® closure is designed to make even the fullest bags simple to close, lift and carry. Rid closet shelves of dust while you disinfect with Clorox® Wipes Disinfecting, before stocking them with your new spring wardrobe.


2. Toilet, Tub, Tiles

We know, we know: this is no one’s favourite chore around the house. But using Clorox® Clean-Up® Disinfectant Bleach Cleaner Spray to scrub and disinfect makes sanitizing your bathroom a breeze. It’s tough on grime and soap scum, and kills bacteria. With its Smart Tube™ technology, you are guaranteed to spray every drop.


3. Refresh Your Fridge

Start by taking everything out of your refrigerator. Rinse and recycle any jars that are close to empty. Ditch old leftovers that have been hiding out in the back for too long. And remove all of the shelves and drawers. Clean them using Clorox® Wipes Disinfecting, which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Their low-streak formula dries clear on shiny surfaces, such as glass.

When you transport smelly leftovers from inside your fridge, you can trust Glad® Kitchen Catcher Bags to get the job done. Glad® Kitchen Catcher Bags are Guaranteed Stronger* with reinforcing strength bands, thicker handles, and thicker bottom for enhanced leak protection.


4. Windows of Opportunity

A quintessential spring-cleaning task: the windows! Clean your windows inside and out, and get an easy, streak-free shine with Green Works® Glass & Surface Cleaner. It cleans, shines and dries fast, so when you look out your windows, all you will see is spring splendour, not dirt and grime. 


5. Get Back into the Backyard

Spring means more time outside, which also means spring cleaning should include your yard. Melting snow can reveal all kinds of unsightly discoveries, like garbage and other waste. You can count on GLAD® Outdoor Bags to handle your toughest trash needs. They are guaranteed strong, and their Easy-Tie® flaps let you just tie, grab, toss and you’re done. Your backyard will be ready for outdoor fun and the approaching warmer weather. 

Use the whole lineup of products from Clorox® and Glad®. They make the perfect team to get your home ready for spring!


*Compared to previous GLAD Kitchen Catcher bags.


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This Spring, Come Clean: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Spring